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ATM DETAILS FULL FORM : Automated Teller Machine ATM Inventor : John Shepherd Barron ATM Pin : John Shepherd Barron want to keep a 6 digits pin for the ATM, but it was not easy for his wife to remember a 6 digits pin so he decided to prepare a 4 digits ATP pin number. …

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am full form

am full form

am DETAILS FULL FORM : Anti Meridiem WHAT DOES am MEAN? AM is a Latin words, used in 12-hour clock system to represent Before Noon. It is also represented as A.M. AM expand as Anti Meridiem which means “before midday”. They are used to differentiate the time in day and night in the 12-hour time zone. …

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aad full form

AAD Full form

aad details FULL FORM : Army Air Defence Active : 1939 – present day Country : India Branch : Indian Army Role : Air Defence Warfare Size : Around 85,000 soldiers and 6,000 officers. Motto : Defeat the Enemy in the Sky Anniversary : January 10 What does AAD mean? Army Air Defence (AAD) is …

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